Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alone Again, Naturally...

Well, that's not quite true, but it feels like I'm all alone here at The Place - it is very quiet and still. Quite Quiet is good.

So then, everyone who needed to be anywhere this morning was dropped off.  School drop off was exactly as expected... sigh.  But, I won't start griping about it on here until I absolutely need to vent; it may even be in the form of an open letter to area school districts. So be ready school districts.

Enough about that.

Hey, not only is it Back-to-School today, seems it may also be National Sour Milk Day. that's how it works, right?  It is no coincidence, after all, Summer break is officially over.  We are not big milk drinkers; most of us prefer our cereal dry. Is that weird? Yes? Well then, I guess we here are weird. And the time finally came when mac & cheese seems to have disappeared from the menu. So milk isn't in high demand with us Carilos; a half gallon lasts about a 1 1/2 to two weeks. Anyway, today was to be the beginning of my "get back to eating healthier" day.

This is how it went.  I was out of my favorite oatmeal, so I stopped at the only grocery store that seems to carry it... which was perfectly okay as it was on my way home, anyway.  So, I buy my oatmeal and head home.  The dogs had yet to eat, so I fed them and let them out, all the while anticipating my delicious breakfast.  Dogs done; my turn.  I washed my special oatmeal bowl and juice glass and brought out all the fixings: walnuts, raisins, butter, milk. I zapped my oatmeal with water in the microwave; when cooked, I then proceeded to add all the extras, and lastly added milk before giving it another 30 second long zapping, which I would have done, but instinct told me, "sniff the milk."  I did. Hmmm.  "Taste the milk."  At this point I knew enough to not take a taste from the bowl of oatmeal.  I just poured a tiny amount into the bottle cap... SOUR!  I sniffed inside the bottle... SOUR!   Yay, me... not.  It had not gone full on cottage cheesy, but it was well on it's way.  I had to dump my lovely breakfast in the trash and the sour milk down the drain.  Sigh.

Now, not only am I alone, I'm hungry too.

Happy National Sour Milk Day.


Until tomorrow ~ Lil

This post is written for Day 28 Creating Memories with August 2014 NaBloPoMo


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