Saturday, August 30, 2014


Remember how BlogHer August 2014 blogging theme was supposed to be about memorization and tools to help make improvements in this department.  Uhhh... I think I failed this subject. I never wrote things down, my planner sits at the foot of reading/writing/eating/vlog & t.v. viewing chair untouched; those books I planned to read... nada. And, the brilliant ideas I thought I would write about... well, they all fell by the wayside. See, pretty sure I've mentioned this before, I don't do change very well. Remember? *sigh*

That planner I was talking about.
Hey, at least I got up in a good mood this morning, regardless that I went to bed somewhat irked about not being able to add last night's post on NaBloPoMo blogroll and completely forgot what it was supposed to be about when I woke up. Thanks, glitchy internet cable company (which shall remain nameless) connection.. NOT. *sigh*

Anyway, the reason I was in such a good mood was because I dreamt that The Mr. told me I looked cute while I slept.  So, I woke up, went to the bathroom, and as I glanced at my reflection in the mirror while washing up, I actually looked cute!  Oh dreams, how you toy with me.  I looked the same as I always do, and I would never think "cute."  Past week it was a consistent "egads!" response to my reflection.  Yeah, it was that bad.  Pretty sure my husband thought the exact same when he saw me each morning, which is funny considering the fact that I had a couple extra hours sleep - trying to create habit of turning in by midnight now that school has started and doing loads more driving.  So, yeah, doing that has been no help whatsoever. The expression, "beauty sleep," is a bunch of malarkey.  That said, the eyebrow tweezers will come out of hiding tonight... just in case my husband watches me while I sleep. Uhhh... creepy. Trust me, he won't.


Oh, crap!  I just remembered... I didn't pick up my mom's pill sorter to refill for the coming week.  Note to self:  Set phone alarm for 7:00am.


September 2014 will be better in all respects, as routines will be re-established, our car should be repaired, and I'll have the time to re-implement a fitness and meal plan for myself... if I was able do that successfully for mom last year, should be no sweat doing same for me.  The other thing I hope to focus on is my This Is Fifty vlog on YouTube; I've got Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday stuff in the works - one thing that is missing is music, but I'm going to try to figure that out this weekend.  Check it out sometime; leave comments. Positive and polite input will be gladly accepted.  See you there!  And thanks for stopping by in advance.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil

This post is written for Day 30 Creating Memories with August 2014 NaBloPoMo


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