Monday, August 4, 2014

Mundane Morning

Mundane? Anything but! After all, it is Monday, rise and shine! It's the start of the week, people... up and at 'em! Early bird catches the worm, ya know.  An apple a day...  and, all that malarkey.  Oh noooo, not this Monday.

Ha! Who the hell am I to try pumping anyone up to start their day, much less the week? Heck, I'm writing this at 9:00 pm! I was up early this morning though; at the usual hour, actually. Our vehicle needed engine diagnostics done, and ASAP.  So, the earlier in line at the dealership service department, the better.  I left the car at the place and made it back around 9:00 am. Thank goodness for shuttle service.  I got home, made a couple of calls, checked the interwebs, and took a nap. I. know.

Monday, August 4, 2014 just did not allow for any type of planning, and it wasn't exactly mundane. It was all about wait and see. I could do that, with a bit of stress thrown in there for drama.  There was no drama, only reality.  A technician checked the car, and the service representative called to inform me what work the car requires, and more importantly, what costs to expect for repairs. sigh

So, no drama, but I wasn't feeling so hot by the time I had to pick up my husband at work. I picked up a breakfast croissant at Jack-in-the-Box on the way to the dealership in the morning, and didn't have a snack until I returned home after picking up my vehicle. By the time we were driving back home, discussing what dinner might be, I began feeling really bad. Quick thinking, and throwing dinner making plans out the window, my husband swung by El Pollo Loco for a family meal deal.  We drove home, and dinner was served.  I waited a bit, worried that if I ate, I may "lose my lunch." I had the shakes and was feeling a clammy, cold sweat. It was better to wait.

Apparently, mundane was not to be this Monday.  Stressful... check.  Unproductive... check. Depressing... check.  Sickening... check.  Have I noted, Stressful?  Years ago, a friend gave me one of those 365-days books that I've used off and on over the years, and enjoyed very much.  When we left Colorado, my son made sure to pack it to bring with us... so thoughtful.  Anyway, you may have heard of it - Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  In addition to my daily planner, I've also decided to revisit Sarah's encouragements, suggestions and recommendations to improve my outlook. I'll focus on order as it goes with the whole "memory & planning" theme this month.  I'll keep you posted how things go.

It's late, and meds must now be taken.  Tomorrow morning will be busy, as we make up for what had to be set aside today.  I'll have to limit the amount of driving until we can have the repairs done, so keeping errands between the house and my husband's workplace.

I guess I should create this week's meal plan and work on the grocery list for market run in the morning. Hmmm, what to buy?  Let's see... definitely, pick up apples. What else? Milk for Mom!

Hey, one thing is for certain... there will be homemade oatmeal cookies! Yum.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil


This post is written for Day 4 ~ Creating Memories with August 2014 NaBloPoMo


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