Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Salud. Gesundheit. Salute! Prosit. Sat'yam. Santé, Bless You.

*UPDATED 12:11am 8/27/14

There's a lot of sneezing going on here at The Place today, and cough & cold relief remedies abound. So, may health and wellness soon be with us all. Also, may you all be spared the misery.

Okay, enough of that because I'm losing steam here and am seriously thinking about taking a lie down. Pretty sure this was coming on last night due to the fact that I have no idea what last night's blog post was about. I was in a stupor by the time the Emmy's were over, and remember feeling super tired and wanting to go to bed around 10:30 pm... everything is fuzzy after that.

Was there mention of routine? Hmmm.  I don't know.  Anyway, since it has come up, this is my new, soon-to-be implemented "Me, myself & I" routine.

In the old days - over decades - my go to morning news show was the Today show. Then the switch over to CNN happened in 2000. Lately I pretty much avoid televised morning news all together and rely on Twitter to keep me posted on world events via +apnews brk +Reuters  +CNN +PBS +PBS NewsHour  +NPR/Vermont, +9NEWS +mydesert.com  +Circa +The Verge  +Slate +Grist +Mashable +BuzzFeed, +The Texas Tribune, +The Weather Channel and of course, +Comedy Central's +The Daily Show and +The Colbert Report  heck, even +Mental Floss & +SourceFed serve as a great current events sources; on occasion +Mediaite.  Yes, this is how I get my news of the day, every day.

Another weekday standard for years and years was a long, and still running, popular morning talk show, but that began to stale as soon as their politics and lack of grasp of the real world - you know, for us non-millionaires - became apparent. The show lost me when one of the hosts could not understand why college graduates couldn't make it out in the "real" world; on their own, and commented that returning to live with parents seemed nonsensical. She would not allow that in her home. Same thing happened with certain afternoon talk shows... you know the kind, all they want to hear about are puppy dogs, cupcakes, and rainbows. Ugh.

Anyway, these days my entertainment comes via YouTube videos by creators that my kids have turned me on to, and I am thoroughly enjoying the refreshing content and absurd antics of these kooky kids.  I'll even admit that I, in turn, turned my kids on to some channels... that's you, +Grace Helbig and +markmalkoff. One channel which has taken the place of R&K, as far as random topics and subject matter go, is Good Mythical Morning, followed-up with Good Mythical More, by Rhett & Link.  Here's a sampling:

Coincidentally, today's Good Mythical More is one of my favorite episodes.

*Wait... update:

THIS is my favorite Good Mythical More episode EVER!

Every night after I've posted my blog post, I head on over to +YouTube for my "must watch" channels: +vlogbrothers and all their other brilliant contributions - +SciShow +CrashCourse +hankschannel, and by extension, +PBS Digital Studios +theartassignment and Healthcare Triage. Followed by - for absolute sheer entertainment - +Grace Helbig & friends, +markmalkoff from +My Damn Channel   +SoulPancake, Kid President, +TheFineBros +WheezyWaiter  +Flula +SORTED Food Guys and the ever brilliant +OlanRogers.  Although their content is aimed at a much younger set, I find it worth the time to tune in as often as I can. So, check 'em out if you ever have time to spare.

Now, if I also included favorite and worthwhile blog recommendations, this page might get way too long. I'll save that list for later this week. So, I'll just end here... Aaa-haaaa-CHOO!

Until tomorrow ~ Lil

This post is written for Day 26 Creating Memories with August 2014 NaBloPoMo


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