Monday, August 25, 2014

Same ol', same ol'

Same ol' day in and day out of Summer break 2014 routine is nearly done, and it's gonna take some adjusting to the changes.  College Girl has settled in at school and The Talent will be starting back in a couple of days. My husband is back to working regular hours, but  Bookstore Boy's schedule has remained unchanged.  My days are taking on a whole new dynamic.  I'll be driving twice as much as I did over the summer, and I'm so not looking forward to the nightmare that is the poorly managed high school student drop off and pick up "procedure."

Here at The Place, there are new habits I'm trying to establish, like making sure I say good night to The Talent (I'm still not sure I like this moniker for Kid #3) before she turns in each night regardless of how distracted I am by less than important things - for instance, t.v. Past few years were so traumatic for all of us, but we've faced the challenges. It was worrisome that it seemed like our youngest was going out of her way to avoid family time; I didn't blame her. Things were pretty grim and I'm just glad that her main focus was keeping her priorities straight and placing her full attention on academics.  Now she is making an effort to welcome little changes. It made me so happy that she could join her brother and I for a movie this afternoon.  So, we are both making an effort to be more present in each others lives, and that's a good thing.

As for Bookstore Boy, there isn't too much change in his routine.  He has a full plate and tries his best to keep his cool when things seem to be getting out of control.  Right now, he's managing our finances, and health, tuition, and car repair costs are causing some stress, but his father and I appreciate all his assistance and contributions for the good of the family.

We are all missing College Girl even though her sister now has a room all to her own. I've lost my dishwasher and meal preparation helper, and her brother no longer has his video game and movie buddy.  At the same time that we are thrilled that she's returned to school, although it's gonna take getting used to not having her around to make our days a little brighter. I can tell her dad is taking it the hardest, with Shadow dog a close second.  I do love that she took the time to call us every night during sophomore and freshman year, and she's been checking in again every day since returning for Fall semester.

As for me... mom duties will be my focus - housekeeping, preparing meals, driving everyone here and there, and staying on top of my mom's health management.  It's very easy for me to slack off and let the day waste away; usually this is a result of a fibromyalgia flare up, and my fingers are crossed those are few and far between.

So, all that said, my short term goals are;

  • Resuming a home workout routine.
  • Improving my eating habits
  • Going to bed at a reasonable hour
  • Spending one-on-one time with Kid #3
Finally, and most importantly...
  • Acquiring a small dining table so that we can enjoy family meal times together again... It has been too long.
So, here's to a great academic year for all those beginning Fall classes, whether as students, teachers, administrators, and school support staff. Hoping all your plans and routines fall effortlessly into place. And for those of you who could use this, keeping parents in my thoughts for a smooth  start and sending my best wishes to all for a successful 2014-2015 school year.

Until tomorrow ~ Lil

This post is written for Day 25 Creating Memories with August 2014 NaBloPoMo


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