Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jumping Ahead

Normally, it would be rare that I'd recommend you jump ahead with a book that someone and their publishing team worked so hard to put on bookshelves.  But if you have never read Roald Dahl's BOY, or it's been a good long while since you last read it - like, since you were a kid - I'd say jump ahead to The Great Mouse Plot chapter from Llandaff Cathedral School, 1923-5 (age 7-9) section. One word: Brilliant!

Now, that section, beginning with The Bicycle and the Sweet Shop through Mrs. Pratchett's Revenge is a doozy! Go on, check it out.  Trust me.

                       Illustrated by Quentin Blake
Thanks son,
for introducing me to
Roald Dahl's books
over 12 years ago.

Good Times.

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