Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Word... CHOCOLATE!

One word... chocolate.

More words?  How about rich, creamy, luxuriously delicious chocolate.  Yes, please.  Another word... gold!  Well, golden, actually. I like gold. Imagine guilded gold with the next word.  Next word... ticket.  To a chocolate factory?! Heck, yes!  

So there you have it:  A Golden Ticket - finding one of five, wrapped around a chocolate bar... among millions of candy bars distributed the entire world over - allowing entrance and tour of a famous chocolate factory!  That lucky Charlie Bucket.  Forgive me, all the excitement at the thought of a scrumptiously sweet milk chocolate candy bar; I guess I've gone a bit off track.  Sure, I'll get to more about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but first...

My desk!
Welcome September:
 The season of freshly sharpened pencils,
squeaky pink erasers,
ink filled ball point pens,
and books! Books! I gotta have books!

'Tis the season.  It's been ages since a calendar was marked indicating return to classes for me.  However, as a parent, I've been through the process of enrolling and registering my children for the start of a new academic year over the course of thirteen years.  Stocking up on school supplies has always been my favorite thing about the whole back-to-school production. Which is funny because I hardly ever write on a paper any more... does anyone? Even school enrollment is done online these days, so printers are doing all the work.  Nonetheless, I've gathered all my implements and study material today to help me share the wonderous works of author, Roald Dahl, as September rolls on. I'm also excited to learn more about illustrator, Quentin Blake.

Roald Dahl was born, 13 September, 1916, and to say, "What a life?!" would be an understatement.  He is mostly known for the fantasies he created in his head which, lucky for us, were made into books - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of his most loved. The book was published in 1964 in the U.S. as a children's fantasy novel.  The story was inspired by what could only be described as a child's wildest dream... the opportunity to be a chocolate tester/expert reviewer!  Dahl actually went to school near a chocolate bar company, and well.... 

Illustrated by Quentin Blake
Thanks son,

for introducing me to
Roald Dahl's books
over 12 years ago.
Good Times.

I'm about to re-read it myself.
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