Monday, October 27, 2014

OH, The Horror! Or 50 Minutes... ONLY FIFTY MINUTES!

Movies?  Books?  Uh, no.  I absolutely do not enjoy watching horror flicks.  I'll pass on the thriller genre section of the library, too.  Nor will I purchase a scary book at a bookstore.  So, I'm sure you've guessed, I'm not a fan of scary stuff.  It's just not my thing.

So, that answers today's NaBloPoMo prompt:  Do you enjoy being scared such as watching horror movies or reading scary books?


Something pretty great happened today and I look forward to sharing more about it on Friday.  Here's a hint for now.
Image by L. Carilo


Now, about there being "only fifty minutes" left on the clock until midnight.  One of my favorite online catalogs is Title Nine, and I found out on Twitter that Ain’t No Turkey 30 Day Strength Challenge starts today, and I'm planning to do it... in the beginner category, of course.


Here's a little more information from Time Out With Title Nine blog:
  • For a PDF of the above chart, please click here.
  • Hashtag your progress using #AintNoTurkey, and share your story and photos on their blog.
Fun, right?  Let's do this.  Two minutes... here I go!

I just did 30 second wall sits... whoa.

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