Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sounds, Thoughts & Things

Sounds ~

I am in the mood for some, well, mood music. You know, the beautiful music that you imagine playing during a charming movie scene that takes place during Fall. No lyrics, just music, and today specifically, Vivaldi's Allegro from The Four Seasons ~ Autumn... just listen and feel. Also nice is Tchaikovsky's piano suite The SeasonsListen.  Oh, and I'm sure I am not the only one who cannot wait to enjoy the sounds of Peanuts Thanksgiving Special, right? Listen.  Good stuff, Charlie Brown.  What music fills you with warm memories of the season?

Thoughts & Sounds ~

After yesterday's blog post, I haven't been able to get thought out of my head the fact that I can't remember when I last heard that rustling sound of fallen leaves tumbling along the ground as if dancing in celebration of Autumn.  The season makes my heart dance, or at least it did at one time.  Desert temps here hit 100f again, so no dancing today, but I did sweat a lot.  Appears same daytime highs will continue into next week, as will my crummy mood.  Are you a warm weather lover or a do you prefer a reason to bundle up a few months out of the year?

Things, Thoughts & Sounds ~

Today came with reminders of good things... people doing good things.  People making a difference.  People reminding others that they matter.  What stands out for me during this time of year - when importance of expressing gratitude comes into focus - is the contributions of many purposely living their lives with the intent to make things better.

A few years back, strangers and long lost - and found again - friends came to my family's aid.  It was early Fall, and my husband had just lost his job.  When I mentioned this to my daughter's friend's mom, without question, she arranged through her church, food rations and utility assistance.  When I tell you her church women's group assembled a complete Thanksgiving dinner, I mean right down to whipped cream, candles & a centerpiece for the table.  Gift cards sent from friends and family provided additional relief.


Christmas that year was the last time we decorated the exterior of our house. That year a bus load of strangers, on a home holiday lights tour, took up a collection and brought it to our door. We were told that house brought everyone so much joy that they wanted to help with our electricity bill. It would be two years until my husband found work; by then we had lost our home and were forced to ask family to take us in.  Recalling this time still leaves me breathless.

Grace begets Gratitude.

So, maybe, when you hear those special sounds of the season, be it music, singing, mealtime banter and laughter, or those rustling leaves, know how grateful my heart was for these gifts when I needed them most.  It is with gratitude that I share some of my favorite causes and organizations doing good works for the good of all.

Grace begets Gratitude begets Generosity. 

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