Sunday, November 16, 2014

Calling In Sick

Hey, me. No blogging.  Go to bed, you're sick.  And, yeah, you should have known yesterday, when it took you five hours off and on to do a couple of sinks full of dishes, and would break into a feverish sweat just standing up.  It was also dumb of you to go out shopping at, not one... not two... but, THREE different stores today.  I guess you didn't get the memo.

  Date:  Today
  To:  Me
  From:  Everybody
  Re:  Holiday Shopping Season
  ~ It's going on now.  This is a resort/second home/snowbird destination.  There are crowds everywhere. Old. Young.  Rich.  Richer. Old, rich & cranky.  Young, entitled & self-absorbed. *Damn, those late model, Maserati, Bentley, & Jaguars are NICE! And don't forget, it's Sunday, so many may be "brunch drunk,"  those 18 holes don't play themselves.  Clubhouse yum-yums, am I right? If they weren't buzzy from brunch, they were probably tipsy from cocktails.  You should have stayed away from the supermarket.  *Damn, everybody in the grocery checkout line had booze except you!*  Also, you should know by now that any direction you head in there will be mall/El Paseo traffic.  Deal with it. Or stay home.  Feel better soon. 

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