Monday, November 17, 2014

Rock The Boat... Who, Me?

Why would I rock the boat?  I'll happily row a boat, but never will I intentionally rock the boat.  I'm not a fan of controversy, however that doesn't mean that I won't voice my opinion, or steer clear from an argument.  I just have to know whom I'm dealing with.   That being said, my online audience is very small and very kind.  I guess one could say this blog is a lesson in neutrality, which is a cop out in my opinion.  But here it is.

Now, I wish I were rowing a boat on a still lake in a piney forest, munching on crackers, cheese & fruit as I relish the sound of birds chirping, a ring of a tiny bell on a trailing fishing line hook bobbing along as fish nibble at a slimy worm.  Aw man, that sounds so good to me right now.  Maybe someday.

Tonight, I'm just gonna nurse this head and chest cold.  Good night.

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