Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello November!

What a beautiful day it was in the Coachella Valley today! Crisp air, breathtaking blue skies, stunning white clouds that were gradually pushed along by dark, rain soaked grey ones.  The perfect day would have brought with it steady showers; perhaps tomorrow.

This month goals and challenges will test my resolve.  October 29, 2012 was the beginning of our family's period of restoration, where we still find ourselves today.  It's a process, and time will tell when this reality gives way to healing, then peace.  Everyday for the past two years  acceptance has been my focus; perseverance my intent, with gratitude guiding me along.  It's a challenge, one that I gladly accept.

Meeting goals that I've set for myself has not been an easy task, but I do make an effort, especially if these goals bring much needed diversion and contentment.  Reinventing my life will take some courage, and I'll have to dig deep to recover my sense of adventure that saw me through my younger years.  This I also gladly welcome.

Establishing some semblance of normalcy again will be tricky as children each decide when the perfect right time to venture out on their own comes.  One daughter has already mentioned her intent to remain in area of the country where she is currently enrolled in college.  Hopeful this will not be too arduous when our eldest and youngest prepare to break away, and that my husband and I can gracefully accept that this is simply a part of life

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

November Program:
  • Participate in NaBloPoMo by committing to write a daily blog post.
  • Make concerted effort to sort out The Place in preparation for holidays.
  • Commit to keep up with daily fitness plan.
  • Enjoy this season of gratitude and togetherness, and make best effort to spend more time with loved ones.
That's November 2014 in a nutshell.  Hope you will check in often.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Below is my tiny effort to reverse effect stemming from my contribution made into the disappearance of all the mixed candy bags that I brought home leading up to Halloween.  None of which lasted anywhere near October 31st.

This Is Fifty With Lil Fitness Challenge
Ain't No Turkey Progress:  
Day  1:  11:58 pm; 30 second wall sits!  Whoa.
Day  2:  10:30 pm; 30 second wall sits.  Ouch.
Day  3:  11:53 pm; 46 seconds - wall sits.  Whew.
Day  4:  5 hours standing at Britannias red carpet event.
Day  5:  11:15 pm; 30 second wall sits. Wow!
Day  6:  11:57 pm; 30 second wall sits... long day.
Day  7:

Click here to view enlarged chart.

One of my favorite online catalogs is Title Nine, and I found out on Twitter that Ain’t No Turkey 30 Day Strength Challenge is underway, and I'm doing it... in the beginner category, of course.  Here's a little more information from Time Out With Title Nine blog:
  • For a PDF of the above chart, please click here.
  • Hashtag your progress using #AintNoTurkey, and share your story and photos on their blog.
Fun, right?  Let's do this.  Two minutes... here I go!


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