Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Voice

Seventeen hours ago I tweeted the following:

#Palanca... check. #NaBloPoMo... check. AM #Nap... Man, I did a lot of writing last night; so sleepy. A How-To Guide

Now, about my voice.

My voice is annoying... according to me.

And that's all I have to say about that for now.

Let's see. It's been a long day, and I've said, "It could be worse." way too many times today.  It's been that kind of week actually.  If yelling at each other - the husband and I - on Sunday evening carried over right through to today I'd have no voice at all.  That would probably be best.  Then, I would have just put everything that's transpired over the course of the week, so far, into memo format.

I can't seem to say anything, right... according to my husband and son.

And that's all I have to say about that for now.  Oh, memo format!  Right!

On the subject of refrigeration.

To:  Interested parties (family)
From:  Bearer of bad news (me)
Subject:  Fridge at The Place
Date:  Nov. 5, 2014, morning
I think the fridge stopped working.  Water & sodas aren't cold.  Settings are both at 6.

* I'd expect to hear crickets at this point.  Better than being yelled at for no reason, right? *

To:  Interested parties (family)
From:  Bearer of bad news (me)
Subject:  Water bottle in freezer test
Date:  Nov. 5, 2014, late morning
Hey, I put a water bottle in the freezer for a couple of hours; didn't seem much cooler than ones in the non-freezer section.

* Still crickets at this point; no need for alarm.  After all, we are still basking in the afterglow of having the car repaired asap, even though it cut into three weeks food budget.  Goodbye Thanksgiving dinner.  Hello, ramen soup and bean burritos.*

Memo:  Concerned
To:  Interested parties (family)
From:  Bearer of bad news (me)
Subject:  Water bottle freezer test update
Date:  Nov. 5, 2014, pre-school pick up departure.
Four hours; water bottle same temp as before.  Packs of frozen peas and bananas smooshy.  Water frozen in bottle prior to malfunction discovery now beginning to thaw.

* Who am I kidding? No memos have actually gone out, but shit, what am I going to do now with no refrigerator?  I'm already days behind on my cooking-all-November-apalooza. The car just had to give out on me on Sunday.  How are we supposed to afford repair/replacement of a major appliance.  We just made the November tuition loan installment!!  All in the first week of the month! This is TOO MUCH. *

Memo:  Urgent
To:  Interested parties (family)
From:  Bearer of bad news (me)
Subject:  No more memos, you are sitting right next to me in the passenger seat!
Date:  Nov. 5, 2014, late afternoon

Screw it, here's the actual account:

*text*  Hey, I'm running about 10 minutes late.

*ring*  Mom's driving, what do you want?  She texted you she'd be late.  There was a lot of traffic leaving the school.  We are on our way.

*ring*  We are at the college, give us 5 more minutes. Oh, can you get mom a green tea, please?  No, nothing.

[enters vehicle]  Me: Hello.  How was your day?  Here's your coupon.
Son:  What took so long?
Me:  We ran out of printer ink so I had to ask Dad if he could print the form you wanted at work; we picked it up before coming to pick you up from work.  Did you need me to drop you off at the store that issued digital purchase points & savings coupon?\
Son:  Uhhh...
Me:  I'm dropping your sister off at the house.
Son:  Did you run errands.
Me:  No. (because reasons)
Son:  Hmmm...
New plan:

Me: I wasn't prepared this morning to run the errands that I hoped to because we were running late, and I was not properly dressed to run around town to buy grandma's groceries, or ours.  Call dad and ask if he could work a bit later since he missed work on Monday for the car stuff.  We can do groceries if he still needs to catch up on things.
Son:  [bug-eyed disbelief; exhausted from day at work]  Ugh. No, you were supposed to do that stuff while we were at work and school.
Me:  Well, I didn't. I figured, since you were out earlier than normal, that we could tackle all that stuff before picking up dad.
Son:  No.
Me:  I can drop you off that the store you have the coupon for; see what you can buy for yourself.  I'll head to Target for paper goods and a few of the things on grandma's list, okay. I can then pick you up, and I can stop to get the unseasoned rotisserie chicken for mom and the regular one for dinner for us. Then you can run into Vons for a must-haves power run.  Then, off to pick up dad at 5.  Sounds good?
Son:  Sure.

* Check.  Check, check. Check, check. Power check. Checkity, check. *

Husband pick up.

Me: Hey.
Husband: Hey.
Me: [treading lightly] The fridge is a bit wonky.  Nothings staying cold, and stuff is defrosting in the freezer.
Husband: [grunt/sigh] I'll check it when we get home.
Me:  Can we stop at gram's to drop off her chicken?
Husband: Yeah, no problem.

* Man, I'm glad I popped in The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack to listen to on the car stereo.  You know, soothe the savage beast. *

Home.  Mad rush to store groceries.  Still no change with refrigeration.  Husband tries to troubleshoot; locate homeowner's notes about warranties on ancient, crap appliances that appear to have been found on the side of a road which she decided to put in the house after terrible "enhancements" made on The Place by sketchy contractors.

Me:  So, game plan.  We don't have that much food in there; I could go to Target to buy a large ice chest and loads of ice,  If we need to, grandma's close enough and her fridge isn't fully stocked because I couldn't do her shopping earlier this week.  She said she could buy us the coolers.  Is that going to be okay? I can do that after dinner.
Husband:  Yeah, we'll see. [still troubleshooting situation]
Me:  Let me know what you decide.  Also, nag, nag, nag, nag, nag... and so on, and so forth.
Husband and I:  [Unpleasant dialogue; tensions high.]
Son:  I'm gonna apply for a loan from Best Buy for appliances, that old washer was leaking on Sunday, and the dryer is wasting energy.
Husband:  Hold off.  Go buy the cooler and ice.
Me:  How 'bout we buy one of those dorm refrigerators like College Girl had in her dorm last year.
Husband:  No, those don't get very cold. (Hotel stays have proven that fact.)
Me:  Okay son, let's go get the stuff.  I can go alone if you are too tired.
Son: I'm going.  You shouldn't be going out after dark in this town.

On tomorrow's Must Do task list:

  1. Take Bookstore Boy to Best Buy to see if he can qualify for a loan to purchase refrigerator.
  2. Replenish ice.
  3. Spend even more money eating fast food.
  4. Cross fingers all goes smoothly and in our favor.
It could be worse.  It could be worse.  It could be much, much worse.*

*November 2012, Husband, Bookstore Boy, our high schooler and two dogs were settling into relatives home. I, no longer able to stay at mom's apartment, stayed at a Hilton Express - having a full-on emotional breakdown.  With $.00 to our name; a newly acquired SNAP card, and much needed health insurance provided by County Public Social Services we were prepared to take action. November 5, 2012, husband was into his first job in two years, Kid in trauma from last few months preparing for eventual move, and I was beginning an unplanned two week long psychiatric hospital stay; finally after two years off my meds for bipolar disorder, restored course of treatment would finally bring with it relief... finger's crossed.

This link will direct you to a post from October 2012:  A very, very bad time.

Gotta admit, if you've stayed through the end of this post, I am impressed. Thank you for your time.

If I could effectively use my voice, whether in writing or otherwise, it would be in the area of teaching; specifically Montessori principles.  My wildest dreams would be to work in a Writer's Room, or try my hand at screenwriting - comedy writing. It's what I've relied on to feel a sense of normalcy my entire life. If I had any kind of education or degree in this area, I'd certainly pursue these endeavors... you never know, right.

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