Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FOUND: Glimmers Of Happiness

Sometimes happy memories are hard to find.  And it's not because I'm aging, nor is it due to genetics approaching to rob my mind.  Distractions abundant and demands overwhelming; I'm tired and just need to sit and clear my head of all the things that consumed the day.  And as usual, it is now past 11:00 PM and I am just now starting to write my daily post for NaBloPoMo.  So here goes.

I couldn't find my memories... "favorite holiday memories."  I couldn't recall any particular one that stood out.  What was found in tiny glimmers were moments.  Moments of wonderment, joy, and awe.  I don't recall anyone snapping photographs of these moments; if there were any, I have no clue where to even begin to look.

A very large window; a small Christmas tree.  A bright orange bulb on a string; many more colors, blue, yellow, red, white and green.  Candles and tinsel sparkled and shined.  Mom, Grandma, Uncles, Cousins, and Aunts; we have all gathered together one winter night. ~ Age 3

The warmth of our breath appeared in the air.  In darkness a taxi arrived; "Mom, who is in there?"  Two Christmastime visitors with suitcases and hugs for us all.  Grandma and Pearl from San Francisco; now everyone else, came in from the cold, into our small cozy house. ~ Age 5

We were tucked in to sleep, and wait for St. Nick.  Then jingle bells sound and we rushed out of bed.  The air felt so cold, but we just had to run, to see what was outside... this was so much fun.  We knew we saw something; something high in the sky.  But we were quickly distracted by presents we spied. ~ Age 8

Quiet and simple, just five of us there. A Christmas tree and family recipes of sweet treats and spicy hot drinks. Mom, sister, her babies, and I, what more did we need. Peace on earth and goodness for all. ~  Age 21

A Christmas tree, charming and dear.  A railroad track and electric engine, from 'round did appear. A gift in a boxcar... a ring! He kneeled; spoke softly, and I answered, "Yes." ~ Age 26

No Christmas tree that year, but we had each other.  Just three short years ago; frightened and worried.  Three children grown, patient and kind.  A gift from a grandma, generous and kind.  "What would you like to do with this gift?" we questioned all three.  "Let's share a nice meal, that's all that we want."   This made our hearts ache; we praised them for caring.  It was a beautiful night filled with laughter and love... a most tender memory. ~ 2011


Below is my tiny effort to reverse effect stemming from my contribution made into the disappearance of all the mixed candy bags that I brought home leading up to Halloween.  None of which lasted anywhere near October 31st.

This Is Fifty With Lil Fitness Challenge
Ain't No Turkey Progress:  
Day   8:  11:56 30 sec wall sits; 30 sec plank
Day   9:  11:57 45 sec wall sits: 30 sec plank
Day 10:  
Day  11:  
Day  12:  
Day  13:  
Day  14:

Click here to view enlarged chart.

One of my favorite online catalogs is Title Nine, and I found out on Twitter that Ain’t No Turkey 30 Day Strength Challenge is underway, and I'm doing it... in the beginner category, of course.  Here's a little more information from Time Out With Title Nine blog:
  • For a PDF of the above chart, please click here.
  • Hashtag your progress using #AintNoTurkey, and share your story and photos on their blog.
Fun, right?  Let's do this.  Two minutes... here I go!

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