Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10th ~ Loaves and Fishes

The story I remember goes... Jesus of Nazareth gives a talk to the masses - by the Sea of Galilee I'm pretty sure - and it's been a long talk witnessed by both believers and non-believers.  Everybody is hot and hungry - Jesus's apostles as well, and they worry about the people that had been there all day without food or drink.  Jesus's friends realize people must be fed... but how?  Jesus is apprised of the situation and asked how would they be able to provide for so many people.  Jesus instructs them to put out what food there is; he prays.  Lo and behold, fishes and loaves multiply to feed the multitudes.  Awesome.

Now, I'm no expert in bible studies or religion, but the idea of  feeding a lot of people with meager amounts of food; well that's something I need to figure out how to do to feed my family as financial times get tougher now that our household monthly income has been reduced to my sole, monthly Social Security disability benefits (10% of Rick's previous monthly income).  But, believe me, I've seen this phenomenon - feeding a party with fixings that would normally feed a family.  My Auntie Mary did it all the time; my sister too, and it is pretty impressive.  Take my Aunt, everyday she cooked dinner for a family of eleven! Every time, there were leftovers! My uncle, the sole provider of the family was a hard worker and made good money; Auntie Mary was expert at managing it.  I have a lot of first cousins - 26, including Mary's brood - and she loved to entertain the bunch of us, with food as the main attraction. She was expert at that as well.  Her brunches, barbecues, and festivities in general, never disappointed; she worked her heart out to make her meals memorable... And they were!  What was most noticeable were the serving bowls and meat platters which seemed to pretty much hold the same amount that she would normally serve during typical family meals, except, they were meant to feed our masses -cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends who happened to drop by (which was often expected).

Auntie Mary was my sister's Godmother, and coincidentally, my sister also has the very same gift.  Interesting, right.  Sis has had parties where she would cook up a small pot of beans, a 10" skillet of rice, a cookie sheet worth of enchiladas, and a garden salad; she sets it all out buffet style, and guess what?  Same as with Auntie Mary!  On average, my sister had 10 guests at these get-togethers and we all left fat and happy.  Amazing!  How?

How am I going to do the same - feed my family of five on my tiny budget (until Rick finds employment) and make a feast from meager portions.  It's a mystery to me how I'll manage that; but, I do believe in miracles.  I have to, that's what everybody's been telling me, anyway.  So tonight I pray for a miracle... the miracle of multiplication.  The mysteries of the Universe will provide all we need.  And so I pray

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