Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5th ~ A Saturday State of Mind

It was cold today... good day for soup (Sure, now I think of it... Tomorrow.)   I liked that it was pretty quiet in the house all day... except for the stinking dogs - no clue what's going on with them? (Do they sense what's happening, I wonder. Oh God!  I just remembered Shadow needs food!  Bye money.)   God bless money still available!

It did end up being a nice day overall; everyone slept in late, even the doggies; didn't need to go out; skipped laundry; watched two movies; had a nice taco dinner and ice cream for dessert (great savings at Safeway).  Everyone even stayed in pajamas; It was great! Now, only a few more Facebook messages to reply to, and then bed.

 ~ Saturday state of mind:  Calm pushes past fear.  Fear seems nowhere near.  *Interesting

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