Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing like a new look...

S's such a beautiful girl, but today, that beauty shines and sparkles a little bit brighter.  We went to have her hair cut this afternoon.  Her hair had never grown to length it had since last winter; it got so long and heavy that she decided the time was now for a shorter "do."  When she was asked by Jenna if she wanted to keep it or donate it to Locks of Love, there was no question.  "Yes, I'll donate it."  Jenna washed, then braided her waist-length cascade of gorgeous thick brown hair, then took razor sharp scissors and cut away.  No gasp, no look of shock; just relaxed, release.  It's only hair.  Others in the salon were slightly traumatized. Can't figure that out; not going to try. Women?

My beautiful girl is ready to take on senior year of high school on a good note.  She has full-filled her summer volunteer tutoring obligations at the library, donated 12 inches of hair to a worthy cause... Now... bring on those high school AP courses!  Myself, I'm just looking forward to hearing her sing with HRHS Choir at this school year's concerts.  A proud momma,  I am.  YOU GO, S!!

Change is good - for girls, a haircut makes you feel new again.  Looking forward to a nice short cut myself.  Jenna's been too kind not charging us for haircuts the last few times Rick and the kids have gone in.  She is a very loving and giving individual, I'm sure she'll be thrilled when the day comes to chop off my ponytail.  I'll look forward to paying for that much anticipated haircut... I plan to TIP BIG too.  I love you, Jenna!

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