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You know, Tom Hanks's buddy from the movie Cast Away.
I love that movie!
I need someone to commiserate with... someone compassionate, someone that will sit and listen to my woes, or even better, just sit in silent support and sympathy.  Someone like Wilson.  You know Wilson, right?

Wilson was just a damn good listener.
Why?  Why! Because I've been tempted to go full-on Chuck Nolan on my own ass... or mouth.  Ick.  What I mean is, I need to see a dentist; probably an oral surgeon.  But as luck would have it, out of countless dental practices in my immediate area as well as neighboring towns, it turns out that the procedure required to fix my problem is not covered on our dental group's benefits.  Also, of the four dentists named as providers on our benefits list, I would rather neither get anywhere near my mouth... here's part of the reason why.  I've gathered from several reviews that they're not quite the cream of the crop, more like bottom of the barrel actually.

So, my husband's been the lucky one since moving here.  And by lucky, I mean that he's had his dental issues taken care of before my serious dental problems flared up. I ran into my former boss about a year ago and mentioned that my husband was having problems, but that it just wasn't in the budget to take care of dental costs on a cash only basis.  Well, that nice old boss of mine said to call the office and not to worry about payment in full; he'd let us work out a payment plan - whatever we could manage.  Whew. That was such a relief.  We're still making payments on that, but at least the husband had work completed... by a great dentist.

And now it's my turn.  At least I haven't had any emergency room visits like my husband had. Needless to say, I've been in pretty severe pain this week.  However, I'm not at all comfortable with the fact that the only way for me to get relief is by taking four Advil every six hours.  They've helped, but they aren't going to repair damage.

I'm not quite at wit's end yet though, but time does get away from me and I can't quite seem to hash out adequate solution to this problem.  I have been wondering if there's a crowdfunding organization specifically for people who need assistance paying for cost of medical or dental services.  I know of websites where causes/projects/creative designs/inventions/business start-ups raise funds, like Kickstarter, but I'm not trying to make potato salad here.  I'm just hoping to find a good dentist and specialist who will give me a recommended treatment plan to extract whichever molars need greatest attention before the problem worsens, and to be able to pay for whatever services are necessary.  I don't know.  I was stunned to learn what some people do to fund vacations and wedding honeymoons.  I thought, "What gall."  I was more than happy with my $750-ish wedding/dress/reception, and $250 honeymoon.

But don't get me wrong, I can't stop wondering, "Hmm... maybe looking for crowdfunding for dental work isn't such a dumb idea.

What do you think?

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Mental Floss
and if you'll notice in video below (just click on image)
there is a replica of Wilson from Cast Away movie
just over Host John Green's left shoulder.

It's A Fun Factapalooza!
A dentist invented cotton candy...
Okay, I love candy. Period.

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